Villa Alba Eventi offers an impeccable service for all your meetings. The villa, located on the slopes of lake Garda, is salso set in a lush garden which will give you the opportunity to set your conferences in a serene and relaxed atmosphere. All the meeting rooms are supported with state-of-the-art equipment.



If you are looking for innovative and refined idea to surprise your guests and add a memorable touch to your special day, Villa Alba Eventi expertise will give you the solution you are looking for, creating an elegant and luxurious experience for all your guests.


Organizzazione Eventi

Villa Alba is a multifunctional space where you can organize any type of private event, from birthdays to bachelor's degree celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, gala events, art exhibitions or corporate parties. Each event has the possibility to be completely personalized on client requests, with the support of a professional team that will follow closely its fulfillment, ensuring uniqueness and attention to details.

Organizzazione eventi

La Villa

62501db2-37be-4eac-bd35-4d1b6742b68cVilla Alba is located at the center of Gardone Riviera, one of the most important resorts of Lake Garda and the most cosmopolitan town on the Brescia Riviera: the old town, the quaint promenade and villas with sumptuous gardens make Gardone a real protagonist in the history of the events, culture and tourism of Lake Garda. The great poet Gabriele D'Annunzio himself, who built in 1921, "The Italian Vittoriale", an emblem of his inimitable life, elevates Gardone on the stage of international cultural and tourist pearl that can still nowadays attract visitors from all over the world. Villa Alba was built at the beginning of the last century with the name of Villa Ruhland, its translation "peace in the landscape" is emblematic of the atmosphere that inspires.
The owner Langensiepen, using Shafer as architect for the project, adopted a neoclassical style thus creating a structure that could recall the monuments of the Acropolis of Athens. In the '70s the City of Gardone Riviera purchased it, becoming the "first congress center of Garda" to hold exhibitions, art exhibitions, events, promoting meetings and culture.

Gardone Riviera

1b"I wish I could get my friends beside to enjoy together the scenery that appears before me. I could have been in Verona since this evening, but an admirable work of nature appeared to my eyes: the beautiful Lake Garda".
Johann Wolfgang Goethe, German poet of undisputed fame, commented the view of the lake and the towns that, as Gardone Riviera, faced on its banks. At first, Gardone Riviera, made famous for the therapeutic properties of its mild climate all year round, became a very prestigious resort welcoming internationally renowned names such as Winston Churchill, Claretta Petacci and Paul Heyse. Its birth as touristic resort was set with Luigi Wimmer, renowned character of Austrian origin and its ascent continued with Gabriele D'Annunzio, who enamored of the then "Villa Cargnacco" decided to appoint it as his residence, transforming it into the famous "Italian Vittoriale." Still today, the role of prestige that Gardone Riviera holds on Lake Garda is undeniable: the particular shape of the area of Gardone, a historical past of great importance together with a creative and vital environment are the qualities that best represent it

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